Couples Therapy

Relationship Therapy – Relational Therapy – Marital Therapy – Marriage Therapy – Marriage Counseling – Couples’ Counseling

This type of therapy carries many different names, as you can see. You may even be familiar with them already. All of them though, refer to the same concept: a process in which two or more individuals in a romantic relationship work with a trained mental health professional in a safe, caring and confidential environment. Its basic purpose is to improve romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts with a chosen significant other(s).

Love and Respect

Why it’s important.

Heart cave entrance

Coupling with others can be quite the energetic and influential force in someone’s life. After all, connecting, bonding, and attaching to others is what humans are instinctively and biologically wired to do. Powerful chemicals created by our organs are released and begin a unique dialogue between two (or more) other beings, apart from you.

The language of love!

Relationships have been the foundation of human’s survival. Our bonding systems begin forming in the womb, long before we even become consciously aware of them. Our relational coding is already being influenced by internal and external factors before we even enter earth side. Our first relationships begin before we even have the verbal capacity to understand what they might mean for each of us. When we enter this realm we are meant to be cared for, nourished, and loved in unique ways. Therefore, how we are shown affection and connection early on can literally transform us on a molecular level. It has an immense and profound effect on our relational development and has a direct effect on how and who we decide to select as life partners.

Well, because it’s deep. Like, really deep. Like wars have been fought over this, deep. Like books, songs, poems, and stories are still constantly being written about it, deep. Science is also investing a great deal of research on Love. That’s how vital it is! The relational dyad of a couple(s) experiences a phenomenon also known as New Relationship Energy (NRE). It’s fueled by curiosity about the unknown and mystery of another; captivating us toward powerful connections. Two whole worlds that once existed apart come crashing into one another and this can cause chaos; as colliding forces often do. Especially when our concepts of love can come from wounded parental figures and media. We are wired to bond and connect to another; yet need guidance and tools in navigating such a wondrous, yet terrifying, endeavor.

So, why mention any of this?

Connected light passing through points

What’s happening around us?

Caged Heart

Naturally, we imagine that our chosen romantic partners are perfect in every way and will remain that way for all of time. A truly beautiful thought. In truth, because we are unique, dynamic, and complex individuals, conflict will most likely occur, it is just a matter of when. The genuine stumbling block in relationships occurs when conflicts have gone on uncommunicated and, therefore, unresolved.

It can take a great deal of work to bring couples back to a level of understanding, a place of admiration, and love. To gently and compassionately navigate your healing journey can take time and that’s where a guide can become very useful.

I can be that guide.

I view myself as the intermediate data collector of your individual and shared experiences and the facilitator of your unique healing process. My role is to be present and in attunement with you during our time together, as you venture into the ruptures and wounds left by the expectations of society and your chosen life partners. I’m meant to help you sift through why you feel the way you do and, where possible, assist in finding recoupling. Through connection and mutual exchange we can begin to move closer to discovering your distinct relational shared language and coding; who you two are or what you want to be.

The re-evolution of your combined worlds!

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