Individual Therapy

Platicas – Psychotherapy – Personal Therapy – Counseling – Individual Healing – Talk Therapy – Treatment

As you can see, this type of therapy is known by many different names. They all refer to the same concept though; an individual person that works one-on-one with a trained mental health professional in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Its basic purpose is to expand the understanding of one’s thoughts and behaviors to increase function and well-being on a personal level. It has long been advocated for and has long been known to be a very effective treatment for a vast variety of emotional difficulties and mental illnesses. It has only relatively recently been truly recognized for its effectiveness against today’s ever-demanding and expanding societal expectations.

Why it’s important.

Person in broken mirror

Shame and trauma can be deeply entrenched; indoctrination can have us believing that we don’t deserve the support and help of another. An idea seemingly endlessly stigmatized. We are born with the ability to connect to others, but sometimes it is lost, or worse, severed. I know that we desire to be connected. We must first become better attuned to ourselves before we can bridge out to others.

It has been my life’s purpose to reclaim knowledge of how to reconnect; to ourselves, to others, and to our environment. Take our gut/brain connections and nervous system as one of the greatest examples of how vast and intricate our being is. It is the role, within our body, that these structures form an internal monitoring system that is comprised of a complex arrangement of chemical signals. These signals can become negatively and/or falsely activated. When triggered too frequently, as has become more common every day, these signals begin to manifest as panic, anxiety, and/or depression. These are just a few of the many possible effects of an unsustainable lifestyle. Untreated, they often lead to many other negative personal attributes such as self-deception, self-sabotage, and the derailment and/or destruction of personal and professional relationships.

With the constant and ever-changing demands of work, family, and/or school; finding the time to show up for oneself has become extremely challenging, if at all possible. There’s a reason why people believe this. It has long been thought that these ideas have been systematically conditioned into us from a young age. That there is a plan in place, a pre-set path to follow, whether discussed or hidden. In reality, our unique ideas are often exploited from us, our passions dismissed or dismantled, and therefore our happiness sidelined. You are made to believe that you must drone on to be accepted or to move ahead; somehow finding new false ways of recharging yourself (consumerism). It can often feel like your life is being squeezed out of you, that you can’t quite keep your head above water, that you’re falling down the rabbit hole, or that you’re always stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sound familiar?

As individuals, we were never meant to live in isolation. Modern society just reached its highest level of population ever (8 billion), while having the most advanced communication tools ever created, yet many of us feel more alone than ever before. We often find that we must shield ourselves from the unreasonable expectations of others. I believe that our conveyor belt lifestyles have forced us into an unsustainable future.

What’s happening around us?

What can be done?

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You can step off the conveyor belt and rise from the ailments that prevail therefore establishing a new harmony from within the chaos around you. The exploration of one’s self seeks to be accepted and understood within a loving and supportive environment; something many of us have gone too long without. To be present within yourself and to show up for yourself requires an act of self-love and then patience, practice, and play. To gently and compassionately navigate your healing journey can take time and that’s where a guide can be very useful.

I can be that guide.

I view myself as the data collector of your experiences and the facilitator of your healing process. My role is to be present and in attunement with you during our time together, as you venture into the ruptures and wounds left by the expectations of others. I’m meant to help you sift through why you feel the way you do. Through connection and mutual exchange we can begin to move closer to discovering your distinct language and coding; who you are or what you want to be.

Together, we can reclaim and replenish

you as an act of rebellion!

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