I believe that you arrived here because you have set an intention to heal. Something about what you’re experiencing in life isn’t working anymore. All along the path, you tried your best to check all of the boxes before you took a moment to ask,

“Wait…are these my boxes?”.

When you realized your answer to be a truth that has evaded you until now, you knew it was time for a change.

Your questions, frustrations, and anger are entirely valid.

Let Your Intuition Guide You. You Are What You've Been Looking For.

So many negative experiences…

have become commonplace in our everyday lives. Depression, anxiety, and high levels of stress are symptoms of a conveyor belt life and an attempt to upkeep capitalistic societal norms. Did you choose those norms or were they chosen for you? You’re not alone in thinking that something just isn’t right anymore. Change is inevitable and you can choose to become a conscious participant in your own reality. Sometimes it takes the help of someone else to show you how.

I can help.

We live in systems and cycles,…

therefore my methods intertwine ancient wisdom with modern science. I assist in helping you understand your own biological compositions.

We are not exempt from the effects of our quickly changing environment and ecosystems; we have played a crucial role in these changes.

We are connected as a collective.

Becoming aware opens the doors that allows us to be empowered to create ourselves anew and transform into what we see ourselves to be; whole again.

The world at large,…

as well as our own minds, are like gardens. For them to continue growing we must be in harmony with ourselves just as we must be in symbioses with our environments. Every living thing requires nourishment and we are no exception. In order to be restored and replenished, we must confront the traumas that rot our growth.


I’m honored you’re here,

that you are considering me to support your healing. Appreciate you taking time to read about me and my practice. Through our collaborative efforts, and mutual intentions, we can heed a call to action to shift the paradigm of what we have been told was “normal”. We have a responsibility to ourselves and the nature that hosts us.