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I wholeheartedly believe that the blood in my veins pumps to passionately support folx transcend past their traumas and move them toward their Soul Purpose. I have witnessed the “magical” transformations that come from rejoining, reconnecting, and reclaiming our Culturas. I constantly seek to expand my (y mi familias) awareness and knowledge on the regeneration and healing of our soil, ecosystems, endocrinology, and microbiota (flora) from ancient wisdom seemingly lost. Plant medicine, such as cannabis and psilocybin, have supported my own healing journey and in embracing my own neurodivergence. I definitely nerd out on this stuff, so this is also a disclaimer!

Passion Led Us Here. Painted on sidewalk.

My family and I are what’s known as “Radical Unschoolers”. We believe that as long as there is breath in our lungs, we exist and therefore, learning is continuously happening and never limited by a classroom. My own lived experiences and my work in the healing arts/sciences has led me to be passionate about working with Polyamory/non-monogamous relationships, Kink/BDSM, sex workers, and systemic injustices. As a Philomath, I hope to contribute by being part of the regeneration of our lands that feed and nurture us.

I stem from a multitude of cultural roots. I’m a first generation American with family migrating from Mexico and Honduras. And, just to make my life views a little more interesting, I married a first generation Ukrainian- American.

I love being a lifelong learner (seriously, I read a LOT – check out the Growth Page for more), and reconnecting with parts of my ancestral past; finding wisdom that was seemingly lost.

I knew early on in my life that I wanted to provide opportunities for others to share their truths would be important. Being neurodivergant and the lack of representation that I experienced as a young Latina seeking community for my own healing journey, became the base of my passions.

Hands giving soil and leaves. Representing roots (traditions) being passed from one generation to the next. Knowledge

Being a Matriarch, spouse, mother, daughter, facilitator, educator, and part of my family’s intergenerational history has allowed me to see the uniqueness of life in society today. Our lifestyles and occupations have disconnected us from what we intuitively know to be important; self, family, belonging, community, and having confidence in knowing that we all matter as individuals part of a greater whole.

I’m a very proud Latinx/a therapist! I’m based in Southern California and provide therapeutic services from my Shoffice statewide via telehealth. I’m especially passionate about educating others in living with a decolonized attitude so that folx can detach from the systems, mental health paradigms, and colonized diagnostic tools that were never meant to serve us.

Oh yeah, and I’m here to smash the patriarchy!

We are the Revolución!